From light industrial and agricultural facilities to schools and houses of worship, SJK Steel & Construction Services, has the products, the expertise, and the experience to help ensure the success of your project.


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Commercial Steel Buildings

A pre-engineered metal building supplied and installed by SJK Steel & Construction Services. Our buildings design and adaptations are virtually unlimited and can accommodate any commercial need at an affordable price.

Steel Offices

Building with Pre-Engineered metal buildings are advantageous because they are adaptable with other building methods such as concrete block, brickface, stucco and EIFS applications. Pre-enginereed Metal Buildings offer a variety of wall systems which off er a variety of finishes to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your building and are adaptable to a variety of building methods. Pre-Engineered commercial office buildings also offer wide open interiors which are adaptable to all sorts of interior framing options, such as partition wall framing, mezzanine framing, and modular wall framing as well as wide open clear span options.

Steel Office and Warehouses

Flexibility is key when constructing space for office/warehouse use. Use a variety of exterior materials from standard posterior sheeting through insulated panels offers you many design options when constructing with preengineered metal buildings. Steel Retail Buildings Pre-Engineered metal buildings offer flexibility when constructing retail store space. We offer pre-enginered steel frame buildings that are fully customizable to handle all of your retail space needs and maximize your profits.

Industrial Steel Buildings

Our clients appreciate our vast knowledge in the design and fabrication of industrial related buildings worldwide. We have supplied and installed a large variety of industrial buildings, including warehouses, manufacturing facilities and industrial plant generator or compressor buildings. Industry leading experience allows us to deliver a quality product at a competitive price to exact standards and specifications.

Steel Warehouse Buildings

Rigid’s Beam & Column type buildings provide the most economical solution when large, open areas of floor space are required. This type of building is ideally suited for warehouses or other industrial applications. Rigid’s twelve inch purlins provide an economical solution for bay spacings up to 40 feet, thus eliminating the need for bar joists.

Manufacturing Facilities

Industrial structures often utilize top running cranes, underhung cranes, monorails, jib cranes and gantry cranes. SJK Steel & Construction Services can design buildings to support any combination of these cranes to meet a client’s requirements.

Industrial Plants

SJK Steel & Construction Services can supply a wide variety of buildings ranging from oilfield industry compressor buildings to cogeneration facilities for power compani~s.

Residential Steel Buildings

SJK Steel & Construction Services – Residential Metal Buildings are becoming more popular as communities realize the value a Steel Building can offer. Steel Buildings are an excellent choice when elements such as coastal living, high winds and fire are concerned. With new wall panel facades such as StuccoLite and RigidRock a metal house does not have to look like a typical metal building anymore.

Steel buildings are becoming more common in residential buildings as their versatility expands with greater consumer demand. They are sought after for their affordability, strength, durability and versatility in the building process. Once used primarily for warehouses, garages, sheds and additional storage facilities, today even residential homes are being built with steel buildings.

Once used for large industrial purposes, many smaller scale structures are using metal construction, such as churches, schools, retail stores and private residential homes. In the past, the affordability and durability of such buildings were over shined by the lack of curb appeal. Now the exterior of steel buildings can be finished in brick, siding, stucco and additional options. They are easy to maintain, well insulated and can be constructed much faster than using more traditional materials. They also cost much less than stick built homes of the same size and quality.

The versatility of the way these metal structures are framed is another attractive quality. They can be fully framed to look just like conventional home or they can have a completely open floor plan with minimal interior walls. The pole construction methods used during the construction process make the walls non-load bearing, so the poles support the weight of the walls. By having non-load bearing walls, a home can have dramatic, wide-open spaces for a living room or kitchen and yet have smaller rooms for bedrooms and bathrooms. This option has lower framing costs as well.

Express Buildings

Express Steel Buildings Express Buildings- When you need a building FAST you need a Express Building! Express Metal Buildings are perfect when you need a “Fast” metal building. They are available in a variety of sizes and can be customized to suite your needs with accessories such as overhead doors, walk doors, windows, gutters and downspouts. The typical turn-around time for a Express Building is 3-4 weeks.


When building a commercial project, choose the most cost effective solution on the market today – a pre-engineered building from SJK Steel & Construction Services. Our building lengths and widths are virtually limitless to accommodate any commercial need at an affordable price.


Why waste time and money with traditional construction methods? SJK will save you both, because our building erect in a fraction of the time it takes to build a wood frame or block building. Up to three stories can be handled using a building system from SJK Steel & Construction Services. Let us provide the framing and the roof system and your imagination can run wild with the exterior facings.


Flexibility is key when constructing space for office/warehouse use. Use a variety of exterior materials from standard through fastener sheeting or insulated panels systems provided by SJK to tilt up wall panels. A wide range of interior columns can be laid out to maximize the economy of your project.


Steel & Construction Services understands the flexibility needed when constructing retail store space. That’s why we offer steel frame buildings that are fully customizable to handle the needs of your retail needs. When you need an office, warehouse or retail space, an Express building is the most cost effective solution on the market today. Our building lengths and widths can accommodate your commercial need at an affordable price.


Need additional garage space to park your car, boat or recreational vehicles? Express Building is the solution! With so many sizes and options, you can customize your gara~e to fit whatever the contents may be. Express buildings are perfect for an extra garage to work on your classic car project or as a workshop.


Express Buildings are perfect for providing extra storage space for lawn care equipment, tools, hunting and fishing gear, and/or sports gear.


Whether you need a barn for your horses, livestock or storage, Express Buildings can meet your needs. Protect your valuable investment with an Express Building

Self-Storage Steel Buildings

SJK Steel Construction & Services LLC. brings experience & expertise to the field of self storage. Our design knowledge & purchasing power allow us to provide the lowest priced product in the least possible time. Our design flexibility allows for mixing unit sizes as required to maximize profits for the storage facility complex.

Single Story Buildings

Traditional peak roof designs & single slope designs are available. Roll up doors for each storage unit may be located on one or both sides of the building & on the endwalls for smaller units. Each unit is fully portioned in steel for a secure, easily maintained storage space. Exterior steel wall panels available in a variety of attractive colors, masonry or stucco facades to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your storage complex.

Multi~Story Buildings

Multi story self storage warehouses provide the maximum number of storage units within a limited property size. Your self-storage building may be designed for stairs and elevators for easy tenant access to their storage unit. An onsite manager apartment can be incorporated into the design or provided as a separate building from SJK.

Climate Controlled Buildings

Our climate controlled warehouses can be engineered & manufactured with up to an R40 insulation system. More energy efficient structures reduce your energy costs year after year. Our “cool roof’ is available as part of the overall energy code compliant building system reducing air conditioning costs.

Institutional Steel Buildings

SJK Steel & Construction Services LLC. offers a variety of buildings to suit the needs of your new institutional facility. Steel Fire Stations Pre-engineered metal buildings can be engineered and manufactured for every fire department’s needs & budget. Neighborhood fire stations can benefit from metal buildings with their attractive standing seam roofs that compliment your architect’s design. Whether you need an ambulance garage, airport fire station or a rural fire department, we can assist you with economical designs for equipment, attached offices or living quarters. Pre~engineered metal buildings can accommodate any door system that you choose.


SJK’s expertise in combining pre-engineered and structural steel provides a single source manufacturer for your school. The gymnasium, classrooms and administrative offices benefit from low cost steel structure and fast construction time. The exterior may be finished in masonry, stucco and other wall treatments to provide a durable, beautiful appearance. The low lifetime maintenance costs of a standing seam roof enables the school to reduce it’s ongoing expense.

Government Facilities

Federal, state, municipal government, corps of engineers and military bases have been awarding building contracts utilizing metal building systems for many years. The metal buildings we offer are MSC, MB, certified assuring the highest quality in the industry. SJK’s quick turnaround on submittal drawings and delivery accommodates critical scheduling.

Structural Steel Buildings

SJK Steel & Construction Services is recognized as a leader in the industry with our innovation and proven experience we offer traditional structural steel buildings that suit your projects requirements.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We provide detailing & fabrication capabilities ranging from single-story to multi-story buildings.

Customer Service

SJK delivers quality products on time & fabricated to exact standards SJK can handle virtually any project. Our professional staff can assist with any & all technical inquiries. All welding and welders are qualified in compliance with AWS D1.1 and D1.3 codes of construction.

Quality Control

As part of SJK’s commitment to quality control, we hold fabricators to the highest standards in the industry.

Steel Church Buildings

At SJK Steel & Construction Services we realize that no two churches or congregations are alike. That’s why we offer building systems that are fully customizable to accommodate your worship needs at a price your congregation can afford. By combining the metal building system with conventional exterior materials, such as brick, stone, wood or stucco, the structure can be aesthetically appealing while providing the perfect solution to your church’s requirements.


Churches ranging in size from 50 members to 10,000 or more can benefit from the economical efficiency of preengineered metal buildings. Working with your building committee or architect, SJK can be a partner in developing a worship center that keeps your budget in mind.

Recreation Centers

Giving our youth a place to congregate has distinct appeal using a building from Rigid. Designing a building sensitive to the needs of your members is important. Buildings can be designed for half or full-court basketball or many other activities that your church desires. All can be affordable using a metal building system from Rigid.

Our services and attention to detail are unmatched!